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PackeTCP is a free website tool for networking purposes. We Manage our own Dns Server and your records will be safe from payload leakage.
We mainly believe that we have the fastest dns servers on speed and response time.
Note:We have the right to reset your DNS records when its needed to keep the STABILITY and SPEED of our servers. Need Free Proxies? You can check some proxy list.
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DNS Meaning

DNS is a hierarchical and decentralised naming system for computers, services, and other resources that are connected to the Internet or a private network.

It links numerous pieces of information to domain names assigned to each of the participants. Most notably, it converts domain names into numerical IP addresses, which are required for locating and identifying computer services and devices using the underlying network protocols. Since 1985, the Domain Name System has been a critical component of the Internet's functionality by providing a global, distributed directory service.
By appointing authoritative name servers for each domain, the Domain Name System distributes the job of assigning domain names and mapping those names to Internet services. Other name servers may be given authority over sub-domains of a network administrator's designated name space. This approach was created to eliminate a single huge central database and delivers distributed and fault-tolerant service.
The technological operation of the database service at its core is likewise specified by the Domain Name System. As part of the Internet Protocol Suite, it defines the DNS protocol, which is a complete specification of the data structures and data transfer exchanges used in the DNS.